Shoutout to Counter656 again for putting together this great stop motion. Man, I love these stop motion and the way he uses boxes amongst other things to help build up the stages and the obstacles. He’s REALLY creative and I can definitely appreciate these. If you haven’t witnessed any of the stop motion joints, you can view a few of on my actual site. My favorite one involves Rockman and Protoman. You know that cat is my favorite. LOL. The Ryu and Ken one is pretty dope, too. There are a lot of cool cameos he puts on there to add a lot of spice to the stop motions!

This is just pretty much your basic armored core fights. Of course, you cannot capture the real Armored Core essence like back in the day, but it does bring back a lot of memories of when I was a teenager playing this stuff as a kid. It’s definitely some good stuff right here. I love the sounds, the interaction, and the way the model boxes of Gundams are like entry ways for new enemies. It’s very creative how he uses the boards as a sort of obstacle course and the way he uses the stop motion so fluidity is incredible. This cat never ceases to amaze me with his groundbreaking animation and cool fight scenes. Peep it below!