If you watched EVO 2013 last weekend, you’d know that it was quite the spectacle. There were some great upsets and triumphs that Maximilian goes through. Enjoy some of these moments!

1.) Filipino Champ vs Cloud (UMVC3)

Cloud was quite the underdog, but his overhead and setups were way too much for Filipino Champ to handle. This was definitely a great matchup. Good fight!

2.) Hoo San Woo vs Reynald (KOFXIII)

Another stellar match here that features a great runback upset with Reynald taking the match. Good times.

3.) Desk, Desk, and more Desk in Smash Bros Melee

It’s good to see how incredible Smash Bros reigns in tournaments. It’s amazing that Nintendo didn’t even want the stream to air 0_o. Btw, DESK is a monster with the Ice Climbers! :)

4.) PR Balrog vs Infiltration (SSF4AE2012)

Infiltration’s Hakan is pretty bad ass! Wow! I’ve never seen him played so well counter wise and offensively. What an incredible finish!

5.) Justin Wong vs NYChrisG (UMVC3)

J Wong has a reputation for coming back after a crazy bout! From the bottom to the top, he gets it done.

This is just a taste of some the best moments of Evo2013. Cannot wait to see what’s in store next year.