I’m really surprised none of these people have been kicked out or arrested yet. LOL. However, this definitely does make my Friday simply because we know the real Scorpion would rather have his head taken off than to strip. LOL. I really wonder what’s going to go down on the next episode. If you haven’t seen the Riot channel on YouTube, you definitely need to check it out because they put out some of the most outrageous videos from random Mortal Kombat Flash Mobs that will literally start the party on the street then carry it to the subway then take it to the club or party.

Of course, that looks uber fun, but I know well that’s also dangerous. It’s a good thing they roll deep or someone might get hurt. On the seriousness, watch the videos before this one. This is kind of like a setup for another funny feature. At any rate, peep the crazyness below! Scorpion, you are a fool! LOL. Peace y’all!