While I am not knocking Sony at all for trying to get the competitive advantage, this is but a small part in a bigger picture. Now, what I do know is when Xbox came out a year after Playstation 2 and the Gamecube came a bit later, PS2 already established themselves as the best next-gen console of that time. Sure, the Xbox had better graphics and probably online play, but the range of games they had were not that great. The Playstation price point was much more affordable, and Xbox just had a few stellar titles (Halo being one of them).

It’s interesting at the time because Dreamcast had some really excellent titles and had some new things like the 56K modem, VMUs and other stuff. It was actually a pretty well rounded system with some cult classics considered by today’s standards. However, Sony just had a clear cut marketing plan and an exceptional amount of real releases that catered to more of a buying audience that basically shunned the Dreamcast away like an illegitimate child.

How this correlates to now is very simple. Of course, the Playstation 3 is now starting to outsell the Xbox because the system is now affordable, the games are there, and Sony just had a crazy tight knit audience. I’m curious to see how well Sony is going to adapt to the market again when it’s had basically a 19 yr life span in the gaming realm. This should be a very interesting year to two year development stage. Let’s see how these next-gen consoles duke it out.