Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is really gearing up to be one of the best action/adventure games. Here you get a first glance at the action in front of your face. These are three intense boss battles you don’t want to miss.

First boss battle includes Mistral, a woman who appears as this seductive and beautiful woman but really she has 6 crazy arms of death. She uses an extended looking electrical whip that is sure to cause you serious problems in the midst, for sure.

The next adversary you’ll have to face is Monsoon, a cyborg that is really tough to face because you can barely even touch him. The way he is able to manipulate is anatomy is quite astonishing like moving is individual parts to dodge/evade/even dash away from Raiden’s sword attacks. Not only that his movements are like that of a crazy Monsoon, fluid, wind movements almost like an Avatar character.Crazy!

Sundowner is an entirely different beast onto his own. Not only is he quite bulky and a master swordsman. This is the least of your worse because he has an attack where he uses his own solar power to mount a wall of defense that makes him temporarily invincible. A great boss battle, indeed.

Despite anyone’s opinion of the gaming currently, I believe this trailer is a good indicator of the potential this game possesses. It’s really a whole separate entity compared to the Solid Snake series because this is more think on your feet, in your face, and action packed. Definitely a nice trailer and the bosses look very challenging. You can pre-order your copy of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance now. Make sure you check out the boss battle below: