Now, normally this would go on a Throwback Thursday post. However, I thought this was way too cool not to wait til Thursday to post up. Mo Cap was extremely big 15-20 years ago because people weren’t adjusting to the shade, airbrush or anime style of games today. They focused on bringing real life actors, stuntmen into the gaming world. What we have here is a behind the scenes look into the making of Mortal Kombat 1. This is actually pretty rare footage. I heard it was taken down a while ago, but MKSecrets thankfully uploaded it to their account. I love how they set up the different action sequences and even stumble over on certain movements. I’ve always been fascinated with the behind the scenes type of vibes to see how some things either don’t or do make the final cut.

Today, we are taking a look at Richard Dvizio (Kano) and Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) playing and out their roles on a mo cap screen. Everything from the costume, the look, the setups, the movement, and action is all directed. It’s very interesting to see how these look in the actual game footage. It must be difficult to repeat these moves from different markers and for hours upon hours. Each direction is pretty much needed for the hitbox. You can only imagine how many takes it took for one specific move to be accomplished. Check out both clips, you wont be disappointed!