This is a definite classic right here. Does anyone remember the old days of getting imported games and having to get your PSX converted? LOL. If you don’t, that means you were definitely born in the 90s. Pretty much Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 and Dragon Ball GT – Final Bout (the Japanese version) were two top items that you wanted to get but your Playstation would not read. Basically, you had to get it modded with a special chip inside of your Playstation so it could read these games. There was the 100 dollar one which converts everything well. There was a 40 dollar one that basically inserted into the AV plugin, but certain games would not work. It was like a little ghetto converter. Almost like putting electric tape on broken wires.

You would find these at any Japanese import store. For me it was Pandora’s Cube in College Park at the time, I went there faithfully from 1999 to 2002. This is around the time that anime really started to get hot in the U.S. There were a bunch of shows coming on. I actually got into anime around the age of like 8 or 9. When Dragon Ball first came to the U.S. in 1995, I was very hooked on it. It sucks because they actually did not show the complete series. I mean, you gotta think about it. There were a lot of perverted things going on that show and of course, you can’t show that on a “kid’s network”. Even a lot of Dragon Ball Z episodes were omitted, so it took a while before you got to see all of these episodes of Dragon Ball Z. They had the Funimation Dub, the Ocean Dub, and another I can’t quite remember. This particular track here is Trunks! I still remember it was Fall 2000 when he was introduced in the United States. Of course, I was actually watching Dragon Ball GT way back in 1998 =). Anyway, this is a great throwback to those fun times in the 90s! Enjoy!