I honestly feel like you cannot screw up this song. It’s just way too classic, you know? Razzie does an EXCELLENT job of giving you a jazz feel while keeping the essence of this track well intact. This is by far one of my most favorite tracks by any Street Fighter standard out there. I love this mix because it’s so soothing and so easy going which is kind of different compared to original track. It’s not to say that the original Sao Paulo track wasn’t soothing, but this is a completely different feel. This is a very nice slow down so you can really take in all of the elements and just sit back and enjoy the vibe.

In all honesty, I could sip a glass of wine to this song because it’s so melodic and feel good that you just don’t want to go anywhere. Street Fighter III based tracks all give you that battle or feel good vibe and this remix definitely holds its own. I think between MaxieDaMan, Razzie16, and Kariu, they should have held down the remix section of the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. As you all know, Capcom definitely dropped the ball on that. Yes, I love you Capcom with a passion, but I have to admit, you should have been A LOT more on point with that! At any rate, peep this cool ass track! Get your Music Monday started! Oh yes, if you want some great black friday deals, please check the link or the search box on the Top Far right sidebar! Enjoy!