Definitely an interesting sentiment seeing as Assassins Creed. There’s no actual release date for this, but it is in the works. A co-op story mode is also a pretty big possibility. I’m also pretty excited to find out more information about Beyond: Two Souls. I’m really curious and excited about Ellen Page being apart of this move from her voice and her facial recognition on screen when you play the game. The trailer and behind the scenes footage is quite amazing and you HAVE to check it out if you have not.

Also, rumor has it that Sony is developing a new controller, which is pretty interesting if you ask me. The controller looks really unorthodox. It’s a combo of the Playstation Dual Shock x Move? In fact, the same thoughts are running through my mind when I saw the first Xbox controller thinking what kinda clunker is that? I’m pretty sure it’ll have MUCH better functionality, though! LOL. Rumore has it this design could be for the upcoming Playstation 4. I would not be surprised with the way it looks and the advancements in technology that this thing would look completely different.

Source: IGN

NOW, I AM REALLY HAPPY THAT TIMESPLITTERS IS A BIG POSSIBILITY! They are coming up with a new engine that combines elements of the old.