Do you have some serious time to kill, but have no idea what to do? Maybe you want to take a little stress reliever during your long hours of studying or working? Well, ArcyDarty has an excellent selection of some of your favorite arcade games. We’re talking about the likes of House of Dead Ninjas and Bloons Super Monkey. House of Dead Ninjas is definitely one of my favorite titles because it’s not very hard to play, easy to catch on, and it takes you back to the old school platform games from back in the day. You definitely get a cool sense of fun and retro video game love when you start playing.

If arcade games aren’t up to your speed, maybe you need a fighting game such as Pocket Fighter Nova. It’s a Street Fighter esque style game where you take your chibi (little person) and duke it out with a number of cool competitors. It’s great fun, there a lot of interesting bonus with the gems and you’ll have a great time playing for hours upon hours. However, if you are more of the first person or strategy type of gamer, then you’ll definitely love the war games.

One of the coolest things about this is the variety of war games. You have a first person shooter such as Desert Ops which pits you right inside the battlefield for a truckload of action and fun. Then you have a game such as Commando 2 which is a bit more stringent and strategy based. You have to plan the right attack to have a certain type of outcome. It’s definitely one for those that like to take their time and really find out the best way to tackle their adversaries. There are hundreds of games on here to choose, so just pick a genre you like!