Honestly, I think it’s cool to have Zeus on here as a lightning character. He definitely has his share of good mid-range and keep his opponents at bay style attacks with a very dominant super move. However, I feel that with Kratos and another G.O.W. character in the game, Zeus is not really needed. He’s more or less a throwaway character to me. Oh well, I’m still sure that many people will use him in the game.

Isaac seems ok. He’s more or less your futuristic gunslinging kind of character. Good orbital attacks with a slight stun mechanism which is great for doing good juggling combos. He has good mid range attacks which help to blow enemies away on the screen. Also, his super move is a force field type of movement that instantly knocks open off the screen.

Overall, I’m not very fond of the two characters, and it really does seem like advertisements of new games to be honest. I mean, look at Isaac Clarke’s trailer, he’s from Dead Space, right? Well, look at what’s coming out soon. *Hint, Hint*. You get what I’m saying. If anything, this is a very genius marketing scheme. Not saying that Sony would do that, but you know ^_-. Anyway, check these two trailers out for yourself: Zeus and Isaac Clarke All Stars DLC trailers.