If you have not heard the news by now, G4TV has been bought out by GQ and Esquire. To be honest, I saw this happening a long time ago. It was quite inevitable. When Adam Sessler left for “no apparent reason”, Kevin Pereira following suit shortly. It all boils down to the channel top 2 shows: Attack of the Show and X-Play airing their final episode on January 23, 2013. I’ve been into this stuff since the TechTV days back in the late 90s-early 2000s, the merge between G4 and TechTV, and then the final G4 combination. I honestly miss the Tech TV days. I was never really a fan of G4 but I did watch it for just the two shows I mentioned. I just wonder what’s going to happen now after this gets rebranded as the Esquire channel. Will we see some modeling and cooking shows now to appeal to an apparent “meterosexual audience”? Or will there still be shows that cater to technology. I feel this channel has lost it’s core audience and the new channel will not turn out so well. I guess we’ll see.

At any rate, if you have any fond memories of way back when, then you should check out the stream below. They are airing footage from 2002-2013 of all the G4 goodness you know and love. It’s a great way to end these nerdy/geeky years out with a bang! Man, if they could post some early TechTV stuff, I’d be geeked! =). Welp, I know I will be one of the millions of people tuning into the last two shows of the G4 empire. What to think of now? Anyway, make sure you tune into this site or G4 and watch the last episode EVER of AOTS and X-Play on January 23rd, 2013! Peace! Happy gaming, y’all!

Watch live video from g4rewind on www.justin.tv