I have to say this is not bad at all. It’s a lot better than the live action film that’s for sure. LOL. One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that these short films are SO MUCH better than the action films. It really sucks, too. I honestly feel like if the people actually stuck to the original story, they would make so much money, but Hollywood has a way of butchering things to make it fit in more of an Americanized story. I thought the Street Fighter x Tekken short film with Dan Southworth was pretty cool, though.

This particular on has some REALLY great fighting scenes. You get a bit of some of the more interesting characters such as Forest Law, Hwoarang, Kazuya, Lee, Lars, Lily, and Xiaoyu. The costumes look absolutely flawless. The dialogue is not half bad. I like how they fit in tag combos in here (great touch). The fighting was really dope, too. You could really see the myriad of styles between these people, and it was really good stuff. Cannot lie. People need to take in consideration that this is a random short film. Not some well thought out, elaborate kind of feature film. SMH. I hate the YouTube comments. They need to seriously take a chill pill when it comes to this. LOL. Anyway, you can check out the madness for yourself below =). Enjoy!