Out of all this time, I realized I never put up a commercial for Battle Arena Toshinden from back in the day. This game changed everything. In fact, it was one of the first games to incorporate weaponry in a fighting game. Also, it was in 3D. I’m pretty sure that Soul Blade definitely got it’s major influence from Toshinden. I’m still not quite sure abut the story, but I do know that Kayin and Eiji are akin to Ken and Ryu. Basically, they trained at the same dojo just like Ryu and Ken but it’s more of a different vibe. There are a lot of interesting elements to the game. Some even explained in the OVA. One of the main reasons why I loved this game because it was pretty much different than any other game at the time, and you gotta give props.

The commercial definitely reminds me of the old PSX joints from the back in the day. A lot of the commercials back then were really only about 30 seconds. Understandable because TV advertising is still rather expensive. They just opened up with a segment of words and then got into a nice party vibe, which you would kind of get from playing with a group of people. The level designs were pretty slick at the time, and of course the PSX traditional songs of the time utilizing a great CD quality sound. This was unheard of at the time because everyone was pretty use to console gaming besides the CD-i and SEGA CD. I’m going to post the OVA on Saturday, hopefully. This type of stuff you really don’t want to miss at all =). Enjoy!