Awesome, awesome time. I remember in college me and my homie spent 3 whole days playing this in PAWS and his spot in the village. We had this set up on one of the big screens in the front lobby and just everyone that stopped by would just watch for a few minutes. You just can’t knock the classic styles of this game from the first solid to the 2nd on. Also, it introduced Raiden into the mix, so that was definitely cool as well. It was a lot of fun and the underlying message with this game was pretty powerful. It was actually a crazy time politically and militarily for the United States, and it tied in a lot of things happening at the time like 9/11, terrorism, patriotism amongst other important topics. This short 15 sec segment was pretty cool because it showed a person at work snooping around inside the box. LOL. The Japanese definitely have a sick piece of humor, but hey…it was good times. Shoutout to Konami for producing this excellent game. It’s definitely one of my favorite titles. Take a look at this awesome 15 second commercial from 2001! Enjoy!